Rashtriya Military school entrance exam 2023. Complete details such as Eligibility, Important Dates, syllabus and link for free practice questions.

Rashtriya Military schools (RMS) are some of India’s most elite schools in the field of defence career preparation.
Managed by the Indian Army, the institutions offers education mainly to the wards of defence personnel but civilians are also offered admission. The schools have several of their alumni occupying high positions in the Armed Forces and in other sectors doing stellar service to the motherland. Complete details about Sainik school admission can be found here.

  1. Eligibility to apply for Rashtriya Military school exam 2023. Join us on Telegram.
    Those male students whose date of birth lies between following range can apply for RMS 2023 entrance exam.
Rashtriya Military School Date of birth range for 2023 application.

2. Timeline for RMS CET 2023 Exam. (Tentative). Join us on Telegram.
Students, Please note that these dates are tentative. Due to Covid-19, entire schedule has been disturbed.

Important EventExam Dates
Availability of application formAugust/ September
Application form submission period30-40 days
Admit card releaseIn the Month of November
Rashtriya Military School 2022 Exam DateLast Sunday of December
Written exam Result announcementJanuary
Timeline for Rashtriya Military school (RMS) CET 2023 entrance exam

3. Mark Scheme for 6th Class Entry in Rashtriya Military school 2023 is following :

Subject Maximum MarksMinimum % to qualify
A) English5035%
B) Intelligence5040%
C) Mathematics5040%
D) General Knowledge &
Current affairs
E) Interview20
Scheme of marking for RMS CET Class 6th entry

IMPORTANT NOTE : Candidate is required to qualify in English TEST. English Marks are not counted towards Merit.

4. Mark Scheme for 9th Class Entry in Rashtriya Military school 2023 is following :

Subject Maximum MarksMinimum %
to qualify
A) Paper – 1
English = 50 Marks
Hindi = 20 Marks
Social Science = 30 Marks
B) Paper – 2
Maths = 50 Marks
Science = 50 Marks
C) Interview 50
Scheme of marking for RMS CET Class 9th entry

5. Rashtriya Military schools have reservation of seats in categories mentioned below:-

A) 70% of seats are reserved for the wards of serving and retired JCOs/ORs those in the Army, Navy and Air Force.
B)  30% of seats are reserved for the wards of Officers & Civilians.
C)  15% and 7.5% of the seats in each category (excluding Officer Category) are reserved for SC and ST candidates.  
D) A total of 50 seats (Not more than 15 in either of the school) are earmarked for wards of personal killed in action.

6. Education Qualification for Rashtriya Military school 2023: Join us on Telegram.
The candidate should have passed Class V for admission in Class VI and passed Class VIII for admission in Class IX from a govt./recognised school before the date of admission to a Rashtriya Military School.
However, a student studying in Class V and Class VIII is eligible to appear in the respective Entrance Test.
They should also preferably know sufficient English which is the medium of instruction in Rashtriya Military Schools.

7. Interview for RMS CET 2023:
Those candidates who qualify in the written test will be called for the interview at one of the Rashtriya Military Schools. Marks of the interview will be added to the score of the written test before deciding the final merit. No traveling or other allowance is admissible in connection with the journeys undertaken for the common entrance test or the interview.

8. Tuition Fee and Charges at Rashtriya Military schools :

Fee charges at Rashtriya Military schools for Academic session 2022-23

9. Medical Fitness for RMS CET 2023:
All the candidates will be required to undergo medical fitness examination before admission to the Rashtriya Military Schools as per norms/criteria as specified in AFMSF-2 and only in the hospital he has mentioned in the Application Form.
The medical examination will be carried out at only one of the listed hospitals available in RMS Prospectus. Candidate found medically unfit by the board of officers at listed hospitals will not be admitted. The candidate will also be required to remain medically fit during the course of his stay at Rashtriya Military School. The admission of the candidate at RMS will be provisional till Fitness certificate is received from the Hospital.

10. Result and Final Selection in Rashtriya Military schools :
Merit list of successful candidates and the school allotment will be declared by IHQ of MoD (Army), DGMT/MT-15. No separate intimation will be sent to the unsuccessful candidates. However, the final result will be available on army Intranet.
Candidates selected in order of merit on the basis of total marks secured by them in the admission test and the interview will be admitted to different Rashtriya Military Schools based on availability of vacancies, medical fitness and as per the reservations norms laid down for various categories.

11. Items to be carried by Successful candidates at the time of Admission to RMS’s : Join us on Telegram.

  1. Tooth Brush 01
  2. Tooth Paste 01
  3. Toilet Soap with Case 02
  4. Washing soap with Case 02
  5. HairOil 01
  6. Nail Cutter 01
  7. Shoe polish 01
  8. Polish brush 01
  9. Mirror 01
  10. Rain Coat 01
  11. Water proof shoes 01
  12. Slippers 01
  13. Plastic Bucket with Mug 01
  14. Torch 01
  15. School Bag 01
  16. School Belt 01
  17. Steel box/suit case 01
  18. Lock & Key 01
  19. Football boots 01
  20. Vest & Underwear 04
  21. Handkerchief 06
  22. Shirt Khaki 06
  23. Shorts Khaki 06
  24. Shorts Khaki 06
  25. Stocking woolen Navy Blue 02
  26. Socks Woolen or Socks Cotton 04
  1. Shorts Sports 04
  2. Shirt Sports 04
  3. Shoes (Oxford) 02
  4. PT Shoes 02
  5. Suit Wollen 01
  6. Pullover 01
  7. School Tie 01
  8. Trouser White 01
  9. Cap with Crest/ Pagri 01

12. Syllabus for Class 6th Entry in Rashtriya Military schools entrance exam 2023.

MathematicsIntelligenceEnglishGeneral Knowledge
Number System (Place Values,
Smallest and greatest numbers, Rounding off,
Number series and patterns, BODMAS,
Square, Square roots, prime factorisation, etc)
Atomic Power Station in India
Classical Dances of India
Inventions and Inventors
Decimal and Fractional (Conversion of Fractions
to decimals or percentages, , comparisons,
equivalent fractions)
ClassificationSynonymsBooks and Authors
Questions on PercentageSeries & SequencePrepositionsImportant Dates and days,

Profit and Loss
Blood relationFraming QuestionsGeography of India
Simple InterestCoding and DecodingArticlesNational Park and Wild Life Sanctuaries in India
Mensuration (Area and Volume, Area of circle
and its circumference, Perimeter and area of triangle,
square, Volumes of Cube, Solids and cuboid, etc)
Arrange to make meaningful orderFill in the blanksIndian Constitution
Geometry (Line, Point,
Line Segment, ray, Angles snd their Sum,
Quadrilaterals and polygons, Interior and
exterior of figures)
Direction sense TestPara JumbledAwards in India (Sports, Military and Civil life) + International Music, literature Awards
Nobel Prize
LCM and HCF, Word problems on HCF & LCMNon-Verbal AnalogyError correctionInternational Organisation and their Headquarters
Water and Mirror ImageTypes of SentencesStates of India and their Capitals
Non- Verbal ClassifcationComposition and
Comprehension Passages
Countries, Capital and their Currencies
Non – Verbal SeriesSpelling CheckGeneral Science (NCERT)
Dice and CubeImportant Towns on Rivers in India
Our Defence Forces and service chief names
Indian Independence Struggle, Important events and name of leaders
Syllabus for Class 6th Entry in Rashtriya Military school admission 2023

13. Syllabus for Class 9th entry in Rashtriya Military schools.

All topics covered in class 6th entry plus following as well:

13. Sample Admit Card of Rashtriya Military schools : Join us on Telegram.

Sample admit card for RMS CET
Sample admit card for RMS CET

14. Sample Admission form of Rashtriya Military schools.

Sample Admission form for Rashtriya Military schools
Sample Admission form for Rashtriya Military schools

15. Sample OMR sheet of Rashtriya Military schools:

Sample OMR sheet of Rashtriya Military schools:
Sample OMR sheet of Rashtriya Military schools:

16. Free Practice Questions for Rashtriya Military schools:
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