Best Sainik School Coaching in India

Are you Preparing your Child for Sainik School Entrance Exam and Looking to find Best Sainik School Coaching in India for his Sainik School Preparation? Then Look no further. Dabad Academy in Delhi-NCR runs preparation programs which are rated consistently as Best Sainik School Coaching in India.

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Dabad Academy is the leading name in Delhi-NCR for Sainik School Coaching Classes

Dabad Academy is a leading name in India for Sainik School Entrance Exam Preparation in 2024. Since 2016, Academy has produced State Rank #1 Toppers with a large number of Selections in All India Sainik School Entrance Exam, Rashtriya Military Schools Entrance Exam as well as Qualifications in RIMC Dehradun Exam.

Dabad’s Success is Unmatched! Parent’s prefer us for Sainik School Entrance Coaching in India

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Connect with Dabad Academy for Online + Offline Classes as Best Sainik School Coaching in India. Superb Results Since 2016. Top Name in Delhi-NCR with most selections in All India Sainik Schools Entrance Exam.

Sainik School Online Classes

Complete Syllabus for Sainik School Entrance Exam 2024

Scheme of Marks for Class 9 Entry

Scheme of Marks for Class 6 Entry

If you have some doubts regarding Sainik School Syllabus, then you can call us on 8595669919

Eligibility for Sainik School Exam

Before a student starts searching for Best Sainik School Coaching in India, He/She should start the process by checking eligibility of date of birth for this exam.

For All India Sainik School Entrance Exam (AISSEE) 2024, Following are the eligibility date of birth range:

Class 6 (Both Boys and Girls)
01 April 2012 to 31 March 2014

Class 9 (Boys Only)
01 April 2009 to 31 March 2011 

If a student’s date of birth lies in this range, then he/she can apply for Sainik School Entrance Exam. 

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Best Sainik School Coaching in India

Best Sainik School Coaching in India : Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Which is the best online coaching for Sainik School?

    Ans: Dabad Academy is the best online coaching for Sainik Schools in India. It has given greatest number of Selections in Sainik Schools in recent years. 

  2. Which institute is best for AISSEE Class 6?

    Ans: For AISSEE Class 6, Sainik School Preparation Programs by Dabad Academy are top rated.

  3. Is it good to study in Sainik School?

    Ans: Yes. Sainik School students are consistently selected for officer roles in Military and Civilian field. You must seriously consider Sainik Schools for your child’s glorious future.

  4. What is Sainik School famous for?

    Ans: Sainik Schools are famous for Producing excellently trained cadets who go on to Join National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla (Pune). 

  5. Is Sainik School good for IAS?

    Ans: Yes. Lot of Sainik School students are selected in Civil Services every year. In fact, lot of them join Allied Defence Services as well. 

  6. Is online Coaching Good for Sainik School Preparation?

    Ans: If you enrol in a thoroughly planned coaching program with proper mock tests, support and right team of teachers,  then yes, Online coaching for Sainik Schools can get you selected. You can enrol in Sainik School Online Classes by Dabad Academy for Complete Satisfaction. 

  7. Sainik School Coaching Online Free?

    Ans: Are you looking for free Online Sainik School Coaching. Then ‘SainikSchoolCadet’ app on Google Playstore is your only option. This app has online free classes with study material.

  8. Sainik School Coaching app?

    Ans: If you are looking for one app which can help you clear your Sainik School Entrance Exam then download ‘SainikSchoolCadet’ app. One app for complete Sainik School Coaching in India. 

  9. Which is Best Coaching Centre for Sainik & Military School in India?

    Ans: Dabad Academy is known for its results as best coaching centre for Sainik School and Military School Entrance Exam Preparation.