Sainik School Entrance Exams

The objective of the Sainik school coaching is to get ready the pupils to lead as a reputed officer in Defense Services of the nation..

RIMC Coaching and training

The Best coaching centre in North India, providing coaching for Exams like RIMC, Sainik School, Military Schools entrance Exams..

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We have well-qualified and experienced teachers.

The Dabad Academy

The Dabad Academy coaching is a leading Instituin preparation of Written examination for Defence Services. It is a name recognized at National level as a Defence Career Academy. Our Faculty has the dedication and Insight and intelligence to deliever remarkable results-time and time again.


Our aim is to produce Gentleman officers in Defence Sectars and a make the youth aware of the Dignity, Pride and Honour of Defence Services.Everyone in our community, regardless of their income or social position, will be able to access education and training that will benefit them in gaining employment and advancing their career aspirations.

We produce top rankers in the field of entrance examinations and The Dabad Academy has its own history known for it. We tailor every student for their best execution. Our institution has left a remarkable impression and has hit new benchmarks of excellence. We aim to help our students at every step of their journey. We have different and idealistic methodology and approach with our subject expert faculty to sharpen the IQ levels of our aspirants. We are a national level leading institution that inculcates the best and quick writing skills with cognitive development to excel the entrance examination to pass them with flying colours. “Our efforts and your dedication makes every impossible task possible”. We believe in hard work executed in smart ways to deal and compete with today’s modern era demands and quick results. We target to build the analytical power among our aspirants to develop them as quick learners who can adapt and fight against any kind of complexities and challenges with their comprehensive and retention abilities over the school entrance examinations.


The Dabad Academy Believes In

To help the student to achieve their academic objectives by providing innovation, best in class coaching through interactive technology and methodology, and to make learning meaningful and joyful.

In today’s time of such high competition, you cannot perform well with old learning methods. The entire learning landscape has changed and that is why there has been notable innovation in teaching methodologies too. The Dabad Academy follows the most advanced pedagogies that play a positive role in determining your exam result.
Our trainers are very serious when it comes to addressing concept doubts. We encourage students to ask questions whenever they get stuck at any point. Students should never hesitate to clear their doubts – no matter how small or big. Perhaps this approach has been the biggest factor behind our overwhelming success.
We believe in the overall development and growth of an individual. For this purpose, we suggest all our students take up sports, co-curricular activities, and new hobbies so that their minds can relax. No healthy brain can perform well if you keep feeding it stress and fear the entire day. Therefore, students must take out time for recreation.


The Dabad Academy decided to bring the most useful resources to prepare for the most dignified Examination of the nation.



The institute has its roots as far back as 2000 and successfully created a reputation for itself.




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The Dabad Academy decided to bring the most useful resources to prepare for the most dignified Examination of the nation.