Rashtriya Military School were eastablished as King George’s Royal Indian Military schools to take care of the education of the sons of defence personnel. In 1952, the schools were reorganized on Public School lines and admissions were made open to the sons of Defence Service Officers and sivilians. In 1954, the school became member of the Indian Public Schools Conference (IPSC) amd cpmtinues to be an active member till date. The schools were renamed Military Schools in 1966 and its old motto, ‘Play the Game’ was replaced with ‘Sheelem Param Bhushanam’ which means Character is the Highest Virtue. On 25th Jun 2007. The schools got their present name “Rashtriya Military School”. The school has several of its alumni occupying high positions in the Armed Forces and in other sectors doing stellar service to the motherland. These were established at Ajmer, Bangalore, Belgaum, Chail and Dholpur in British times and referred to as King George’s Military Schools.

  • Chail Military School (Shimla)
  • Ajmer Military School
  • Bangalore Military School
  • Belgaum Military School
  • Dholpur Military School



70% for wards of JCOs/OR of Army, Navy and AF (including Exservicemen). 30% for wards of Officers of Army, Navy and AF (including retired Officers) and wards of civilians. 50 seats are reserved for wards of service personnel Killed in Action. Note: 15% and 7.5% seats are reserved for SC and ST in all categories.


Only boys between 10 to 11 years of age for Class VI and boys between 13 to 14 years of age for Class IX as on are eligible for admission. Six months relaxation in upper age limit is permissible for the wards of personnel Killed in Action.


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Through the military training arrangement in place, acquaintance with weapons also firing is not the only helpful gain. Whether the stationary firing is experienced, move also fire drills, otherwise training in diverse scenarios is undergone, physical features are improved. Stamina, Posture, strength, also dexterity are fair a few instances of the improvements. Shooting endorses posture. With well-adjusted posture, correctness and speed grows plus shooters mobility upsurges. Stamina stems as of the continuous up and down, aiming, plus physical push necessary performing the active states. Strength is developed with the monotonous motion that military training arrangements do for warriors. Dexterity as well as flexibility is enhanced performing the skills advanced during training.

Rashtriya military school entrance exam coaching institute are grateful for the sacrifice and service their service men as well as women give to the country and all individuals. Their shooting ranges in addition to products are planned with military besides law enforcement personnel in attention.