The Sainik Schools are a system of schools in India established and managed by the Sainik Schools Society under Ministry of Defence. They were conceived in 1961 by V.K. Krishna Menon, the then Defence Minister of India, to rectify the regional and class imbalance amongst the officer cadre of the Indian Military, and to prepare students for entry into the National Defence Academy (NDA),


67% seats are reserved for boys of the State where the school is located. The balance 33% seats are open to boys from all other States and UTs. Within this broad classification, 25% seats are reserved for sons of service personnel including ex-servicemen while 15% seats are reserved for sc and 7½% for ST candidates.


Boys seeking admission in Class VI should be 10-11 yrs of age and for Class IX they should be aged 13-14 yrs as on 01 July in the year admission is being sought.


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